Saturday, March 26, 2016

This Changes Everything!

Fabulous Easter Sermon. Ironically called "This Changes Everything" during his sermon he dropped word banners with words that describe the things we'd like to change. One of the words was "addiction" - Izabella asked what that meant. I told her drugs or something you think you can't live without. She said, " But I have an addiction! An addiction to Mommy and Daddy! That's ok isn't it!?" Yes indeed it is. He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

She was so excited for the Easter bunny. I don't recall why- but somehow along the way-I told her a silly Easter bunny story of how the Easter bunny lives in a magical tree...and each year I have to go to the tree to tell him the Easter basket wishes. So this year she wanted me to take a picture of the items to be sure he knows the exact panda she wanted, not just any panda. :) She also wanted a chicken that pops out eggs. I know...crazy. 

Hence, she very carefully and methodically filled her basket with empty eggs for the bunny to fill and wrote a detailed-yet very polite-note- and left him the traditional carrot. I guess she thinks -like Santa-he needs fuel to do his long nights work!

Happy Easter-the trip to the magic tree was uneventful and left me wondering how many more years I'd get to make the trip. They go by so fast! I'm enjoying each and every moment! 

Love you sweet girl...with all my heart! Forever. Mommy. 

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