Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pageant draws near, Spring Break is over, and she had some NAMILY time!

Izabella is soooo close to her goal! She has really been working hard. 

The drawing for her "Kindle Fire Giveaway!" Is just a couple weeks away! Support her by buying a chance to win! She just needs to sell a few more tickets to reach her goal! 

She wanted to ask you herself- so she did this video message for everyone. 

Tickets are (1) for $10, (3)for $15, (5) $20, (7) for $25 and (20) for $50. 
You can purchase tickets online at - look in the top of the left sidebar--Select how many tickets you want- and click " buy now" !

Izabella got this in the mail this week!!! She was very excited! 

And the highlight if her spring break was
The blessing of NAMILY time! Truly! We had lunch with Katie and Charmaine today and the hour was not nearly enough! Katie showered Izabella with sweet gifts and she adores them! She wore them all afternoon and found a crown case to put them in "to take to pageant with her for good luck!" Thank you precious Sister Katie!

 And I will end this update with this sweet moment- mouth Dad. 

Her first day back yesterday, they each had to share what they did over spring break. She shared, "Well, my pageant is in a couple weeks so I spent most of my spring break preparing for my pageant!" She said the other kids laughed at her and didn't think her break was very fun. Putting "first things first" isn't the most popular thing. But, ahhhh... The rewards when we have a fun pageant weekend next weekend! There are always rewards for hard work! Very proud of how hard she's working! 


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