Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My little dancer...she's amazing!

Dance class night consist-Izabella dancing her heart out and having fun with 8 other friends in a big empty room with a huge mirror! All the while I sit patiently waiting for her to emerge, and head home for dinner. At the end of the year we are blessed with the most amazing group dance performance. We are always so proud and quite frankly impressed. 

We were completely in shock when her instructor asked Izabelka and I to speak privately. She presented her with a handwritten invitation to join the competitive dance team at the studio. 
I remember trying to figure out the team that fit our schedule- juggling it around to make it work and as we did, one sentence stood out. Her instructor said, "She could definitely keep up with the girls in that class!" So we made it happen. 

I'm officially now a Dance Mom-we are a Dance Family. I never dreamed-frankly, I'm excited and terrified at the same time. 

We always knew she would be a dancer-could dance before she could walk securely! It genuinely came from her soul. 

The last couple months we've been working together through private lessons to create a dance solo for her to perform at the NAM Pageant in early April. 

I learned to edit music on our computer and put together a meaningful minute, 30 seconds of music and narration, that alone brought me to my knees.

At first, I stood outside and waited, while she and the instructor worked through the first part of the dance. 

Then I joined them to video her dance-so she could practice it at home and I could help her. We practiced just about daily in our cramped living room-we went to several more lessons, she finally learned all the choreography. Then-suddenly her skills went through the roof. She was doing things I'd seen other girls her age do, but she could not. I knew her large motor skills were vehind- with her rough and limited beginnings. But, it was like she was taking off! A bit unsteady- but the determination in her was alive and well- and I proposed we add these new skills to her solo. We were on our own to practice for a few weeks-so shed show me her new steps and skills, and I would work with her to put them into her routine. The solo was really coming to life and it was uniquely her. All the while, I was pushing her hard. I don't know anything about dance- but I do know, you have to be prepared, and she was not going to have the luxury of others on stage with her to follow if she forgets a step. 

Yesterday-we met with Abby -her instructor-and showed her our latest rendition of the dance! It was choppy-it wasn't as smooth-of course-it was choreographed by my tiny dancer and this dance illiterate mom (me). 

Abby, broke down our new pieces and set her straight on the technique for those sections. 

Through-out this time-she was looking to me for approval. Then it was time to put it all together again. 

Again-she looked to me. As she stood there waiting to begin- she looked so nervous! I blurted out, " Izabella, you are amazing! Everything you do amazes me and is so beautiful! Truly!" 

The music started and she began to dance. It was right then, I was stopped by her beauty, and grace and she awed me with her ability to do moves. My tiny dancer is amazing. 

But, more so, I am so proud of her courage to do this very deeply meaningful dance. 

"It is powerful."--those are the words of her instructor. 

She is amazing and powerful- and she's growing up so fast! And I can't get enough of her! 

How does she do this!? 

How did I get so blessed? 

Wow! Wow! Wow! 

We ended the lesson- sitting on the floor, as I told her, "I want you to win! Of course we don't compete to lose! But, no matter what happens, you will make a difference. You will leave hope in the hearts of those that watch. You will inspire them like you inspire me! You had fun! And we did this together! And we will cherish it forever! You are amazing!"


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