Friday, March 4, 2016

Izabella Needs Your Help!

3.4.2016 : The Iowa National American Miss Pageant is a WHOLE MONTH early this year. It will be help in Waterloo, Iowa, April 1-3, 2016! So we are getting started later than normal.

Izabella has been working on her personal introduction, we've been scouring the internet for the perfect dress for formalwear, and practicing interview with everyone that will talk to her. We are having so much fun.

She is competing in the Optional Competition this year with a Solo Dance choreographed specially for her. It sure to be a very special performance--we can not wait. She will also compete in the Solo competition at a National Dance Competition in Minnesota this June. She has been working so hard all around.

But the work has just begun. We are just getting the fund-raiser started - and she has to sell enough tickets to pay for her pageant fees.

As always, we insist she "earn her way". This instills yet another life-skill that is so very important--"nothing good comes easy and nothing that is worth anything is handed to you--you have to work for it." It won't be a breeze--she will hand write all the tickets to put in the raffle, she will write receipts for all those that sponsor her. And she will write Thank-you notes for those out of town, that she can not thank personally.

Izabella is giving away a KINDLE-FIRE Tablet! Drawing will be held March 30, 2016 at 8:00am CST.

Last Saturday, she spent 3 hours out in the cold hitting the pavement with Dad selling tickets. But...I'll let her tell you all about it--watch this video--she wants to tell you:
Click here for video

Look for the "Buy Now" button in the top left corner of your screen to purchase tickets and support Izabella--as she purses the title of "National American Miss ---Miss Iowa Jr. Pre-Teen" title! I promise you she will do more big things with her life to change the world for the bettter, win or no win, crown, or no crown. But this experience gives her the confidence her the skills to make it all happen.
click here to see Izabellas farewell video.
To purchase tickets you can click drop-down menu to select the number of tickets you want to buy. Then click the "BUY NOW" button--you can pay by debit or credit card. I will be notified--and will make your tickets and put them in the basket.

The button looks like this:

Tickets are: 
(1) for $10
(3) for $15
(5) for $20
(7) for $25
(20) for $50

Izabella worked very hard--since winning the 2014 National American Miss Princess Title. So, she wanted to share with you--a short 2 minute video of just what this pageant means to her, what she has learned, the blessings that have come her way, and honestly, all would not have happened without the support of our amazing friends and family through this "Give-Away" and your love and confidence in her.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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