Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A moment I dreamed of ....

4.8.2016 : ...and it's bigger than I imagined! Before I became a mom-I thought about all the cool things I did and the moments I shared with my mom.

She's been working on her coil pot for weeks! Telling me about it every step of the way. She could hardly wait to see it come out of the kiln. And then - beside herself -waiting til after dance and then dinner to show me! " mommy it is soooo pretty! You won't believe it!" 

As she unveiled it...out of her backpack, releasing it from her sweater first, then the newspaper. I breathed in the moment-as I picked it up she said " hold it with two hands please! If it broke I would cry. There would be no gluing it back together!" 

Of course it's red! And yellow! With a we bit of orange. I love the ribbon effect on the top-how the coils are released to flow around the top. She points them out and shared her technic to be sure it didn't break in the kiln! 

She's made things before. But all the conversations and her excitement about this one- reminded me of my own mom- and my dream-sharing moments like these with her! 

She's sketching a horse in her sketchbook now! 

Thank you God! Thank you! So! Much! 

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