Sunday, March 6, 2016

$1 for each person that buys a Kindle Fire Giveaway ticket today-goes to Children's Variety!

Our Izabella is volunteering to help an amazing organization today! She'll be live on ABC 5 today at noon! They might run early or late-we're headed out now! 
She has an exciting idea- Izabella has an orphan fund that she uses to support children in need and she wants to donate $1 for every person that purchases a Kindle Fire Giveaway ticket today! The kindle giveaway purchase button is in the left side bar!

 Tickets are (1) for $10, (3)for $15, (5) $20, (7) for $25 and (20) for $50. With $1 for Children's Variety Telethon today!!! Ends at 9pm so she can get her donation called in before she goes to bed tonight. 

The Variety Telethon is broadcast live from the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center Ballroom. Tune in to ABC5 between 11:30-12:30p.m. at this telethon live. Guests can meet the cast, participate in children’s craft activities and watch the entertainment showcase.

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