Sunday, April 6, 2014

Red Thread blessings on this pageant Journey

Wow- I am humbled and in awe of how God gets us to the right people when we need them.

The Chinese has a proverb I love:
"The two people connected by the red thread are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break."

We've had so many Red thread blessings on this pageant journey. I'd be amiss to not document here for our Chinese Princess.

I found a used blue dress for Izabella's "Let it go" talent performance on eBay. After emailing the seller- we were blessed to discover this dress was worn by another adopted princess at her NAM pageant.

THEN I order a used interview suit for her- too small. Hmmm...what now? It's late in the game to find something-found a little pink jewel of an outfit- a Nordstroms outfit on a Vintage store on esty- this time not trusting the size on the listing I asked for measurements! Ordered it. Then got an email yesterday that the little girl that wore this outfit is ow 16 years old, at the top of her class, loves to sing and dance, is in her HS Band and was also ADOPTED!

And finally--last years pageant dress was a nightmare that required the some grace and mercy on this newbie Pageant Mom. But cemented a relationship with a seller that also adopted a daughter! And this years dress arrived and it fits!

Some call all that coincidence. I call it fate, Gods plan, her destiny, and little Gods wink moments that tell me that we are on the right path doing the right thing.

Like so many times on our journey to finding our daughter- Izabella. When it's right- God lets you know-we just follow His trail of bread he'll lead us to right where we need to go in this trip on earth.

Love you Princess ! You rock! You face was emblazoned on my heart, revealed in the middle of the night in a dream, and then presented by our dear angel messenger on earth- Kelly Raudenbush! With this photo-August 10, 2009. Thank you God- thank you Krlly for hearing God calling to advocate-and sending us her face, so our hearts would be preparation to say yes- when our agency called with what seemed to be a very sick girl. That was actually a very healthy girl, who was meant to be our daughter. And is now on her way to a pageant to run for the Queen title! Miracles all the way !

Yesterday, I saw another face that drew me in and has not let me go, I don't know any way to bring this one home. But if it's meant to be, I am listening. Know I am praying for a home for you! If not ours, someone else's. He is in the care of a foundation called Love Without Boundries. Izabella prays for you and all orphans every night ! He looks like he could be Izabella's brother!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Izabellas Prayer

Izabella is more animated every day. Her personality is shining through the more time she is home. She regularly expresses her love for us, her joy in being a part of our family and lately she tells me several times a day that she doesn't know what she'd do if we hadn't found her and brought her home. Each time it melts my heart and I can't hold her, kiss her and love on her enough. These things so many take for granted this little one understands with crystal clarity. Sometimes I think we're too hard on her. We have lots of rules , and high expectations to do her very best at school and anything she does. We know she can, and we know this is the best way to prepare her for life, and give her the skills she'll need to reach her goals, which lately includes being a pet vet!

She is so brave, so strong, smart and full of life and joy! We want the very best for her. With all that seriousness she exhibits all sides if her lately. It's amazing to watch this " Chun lei" ( her orphanage given name- meaning -spring budding flower) unfold.

Yesterday had a couple moments worth writing on her blog for her.

On the way home from school, Izabella when I asked her how her day went she dropped her head and said very sadly and meekly, " I had a really bad day Mommy. I love science- but we had social studies today ! No science!"

A few mutes later, she burst into laughter and said, " Mom I didn't tell you I got TWO AWARDS TODAY during book club time!" WHAT!? That's awesome! She replied with much delight, "I got ya, didn't I!?"

Last night she said her prayers.

"God I just want you to know you really knew what you were doing when you put us together. You really did. I wouldn't want any other Mommy! She's the perfect Mom! Thank you God. And God, please find the perfect match for EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN THE WORLD, that doesn't have a home. I MEAN EVERY SINGLE ONE!"

She also worked on her introduction for the Pageant-it's coming along great! I am so proud of her!

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