Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Your first interview, and you Rocked it!

2.3.2013: We rec'd an invitation to an "Open Call" for the National American Miss Pagent! My immediate reaction was "Oh we have to check into this for sure." 

As we all know--Izabella loves to Dance, to Sing, to Perfrom, clothes (especially shoes) and she is very creative and smart too. She would love this. But...maybe not. So, we asked her if she'd like to go to the event and see. After we explained it to her, best we could, we signed her up, put it on our calendar and attended the interview event. 

As we headed into the building--extra pair of shoes hanging out of my purse and Izabella riding in the arms of her Daddy--so not to get her shoes all ice, snow and yuck--my thought was, "Oh my, what have we gotten into--a pagent mom? Never.

As we looked around, there were very nervous parents and daughters of all ages. Izabella was not nervous at all. At the registration table--Izabella was instructed to fill out the application. Yes--they spoke to her and handed HER the application and pen--not us. As I began completing it--there were questions I had to ask her. Awards and Activities: Ahhhh...yeah...she's 5! But hey--Izbella what are your activities. Ice Skating, Dancing, Singing, Reading...etc. OK...well, that will work. 

Then, we settled into a 5th row seat--out came the director of the program--we got more information, where we learn the application is like a RESUME' and the interview she will have is a real interview. Then they asked all the older girls to sit on one side of the room--without their parents. The our age group could stay with their parents. "whew!". 

Then, they prep the girls with some information to calm their nerves a little. And without much adue--the first group of girls headed out for their interveiws with Resume's in hand. Then more information--and the next group is off. Then it's time for the little ones. I had been thinking we'd go with her--since she got to stay with us in the seating arrangements. But, no. She told them to line up and bring their Resume'. Izabella was off like lightning--before I could even say "good luck" or give her Mommy comforting words. She needed none of that--she was "so ready." 

And me? Well, I was not. Not prepared at all. She rarely leaves my side--and if she is not with me--she is with Dan or in school. And I always get a kiss good-bye and an I love you. Tears welled up in my eyes--as I stretched my neck to see past all the seated canidates to see my baby--with Resume in hand--not even looking our way--eyes straight ahead--fully focused and ready for her first interview. I felt a little silly. My tears were of such pride. I could not have been prouder of her. Nor could Dan--beaming in the seat beside me. 

She was back in a matter of 15 minutes--and her first words to us were: "I just did my first interview. It was easy-peezy!" Oh my! 

We then learned, if they passed the interview she would be a "State Finalist" for the Miss Iowa Princess pagent in APRIL!!! Seriously--this is all moving so fast! But, she might not make it--she's still so young. And we weren't there with her. However, she was very confident she did "Great" and I was "not to worry". 
Yesterday afternoon, we got the call. She passed her first interview with flying colors and she is a "State Finalist"! When I played the message to her--her eyes were so big--and she ran around and around the Island in our kitchen with glee! 

I think we're onto something here. 

I KNOW. I KNOW. Before you get all "oh no really?" on me. We are very impressed with this program. It is ONE STATE pageant and ONE NATIONAL pageant per year. It is not about money! It is not even about beauty. It's about learning life skills she will use in all aspects of her life--and it's something we know she will love and excel at. And gain so much self-esteem and confidence from. AND they do not allow make-up at all for ages 4-12 years of age!!! Nor a bathing suit competition.

Win or lose the title--she will gain so much from this experience. We are not allowed to give her any money for the sponsor fee to participate. She must raise that money herself. We can help her but she must do the asking and presentation. She will have to purchase school supplies for a donation for 10% of her score. She will need to put together a 30 second introduction (about herself) speech to give on stage at the pageant--30% of her score. She will need to pass another judges interview--30% of her score. And finally take part in the evening gown competition--which is about how she presents herself--not about the dress. 

AND the best part I think is--

Daddy is her escort on stage for this part of the competition! Chokes me up thinking about that moment. She is not very athletic--nor does she show much interest in sports--even of the NFL kind with Daddy. But this is his opportunity to "coach" her team--her. Be on the sidelines rooting for her. And stand with her--in all her awesome self on stage. Now that's worth it all right there! 

So...we have some work to do. And we are ready for it. We're so proud of her already!

If she wins--we all get to go to CALIFORNIA--my single days-home away from home! A place I have always wanted to visit with Dan and now Izabella. Seriously? Awesome!

"Mommy God already Baptized me."

2-6-13: Izabella you attend a christian kindergarten school. We love it--and wish you could go to school there all through elementary school, but they don't teach past kindergarten. So we will enroll you in public school next year. Granted--it's one of the best schools in the Metro, but, we are sad cause your spirit will not be nurtured there like it is everyday at SFELC.  Yes--you will get this through Sunday School, but...not the more need to be said.

On the way home from School yesterday. We had our usual chat. But something remarkable--and memorable happened. You learned about baptism in school during "Apple Jacks" (that's how you say Chapel Chat), a time when you all go to the chapel and have a chat about God with the teachers and pastors at the school. You very eloquently explained what baptism is for and why we do it. Then I told you, someday you will be baptized.

This is our converstation from there:

Izabella:  No Mommy, God already Baptized me!

Mommy: Really? Where? In China?

Izabella: Yes.

Mommy: When? When you were with your China Mommy and Daddy?

Izabella:  No. Right after my surgery. He poured water over my head and took all my sins away.

Mommy: Oh. I see. Ok. That's great.

Izabella:  I: He really did Mommy!

You were very serious--not kidding around--and very insistent. I believe you. I do.

I love this girl more than life itself.

The lottery jackpot is huge--we purchased tickets hoping we'd win of course -- but we already won, when God found us you!

Love, Mommy

PS--The picture above was taken in our front yard, the end of December 2012. The sweater you are wearing is made with love by your Grammy Cota. The necklace you are wearing is the last gift your Grammy Arndt gave you and the chair you are sitting in is a gift from your Grammy Cota, to your Mommy, and will then be yours.