Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Power of Prayer...HOPE, FAITH and LOVE!

 As I read through this post (click here to read the whole story--you will be inspired and in awe) --it got more and more personal. I've read so many articles about amazing orphans and live with one everyday. But this story is personal. Personal because this amazing young man grew up in the same orphanage Izabella lived for 18 months. They might have passed in the hallways perhaps--or met at an activity day. They are what I like to call "Ophanage Brother and Sister". And the orphanage director that reaches out to help save CongCong's life--is the same one that worked to help Izabella find us and we met him the day she met us, and finalized her adoption with us the following day (see picture of him and our new family below.)

So...I am more than compelled to ask you--to reach out to CongCong with your prayers! He needs our Love, and Prayers to save his life.

As Kelly R (yup..this request and article about CongCong came to us from that really special Kelly that sent our Izabella's pic to us for the first time) posted on her blog: 

CongCong (an orphanage brother to Izabella) in the hospital fighting Leukemia.

Lisa, Izabella, Director of Xian City CWI, and Dan on Adoption Day--Oct 2009