Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"From you mommy!"

Izabella and I took a quick walk to the park tonight before dinner tonight. Spring is 4-6 weeks early! It's only the end of March--and we've had summer weather for a few weeks now. Izabella has already taken a dip in her pool on the deck--and we're lovin' it.

Izabella was so excited to give her baby a ride too! So she scurried around and packed a little bag for her. Strapped her safely in the stroller and even got her some sunglasses to protect her eyes! The best part was watching all this happen--and listening to her loving little chatter to her all the while. As we headed out she said, "Mommy this is my daughter. She looks like me." Yes she does Izabella. It was the reason I picked that dolly--not only is it an Asian doll--but it has a striking ressemblance to you.

We took our dog Sadie with us on our walk--so I had cautioned her, if there were other children at the park--I'd need to stay with Sadie and she'd need to play by herself, without help from Mommy. She assured me that was fine--after all she had her daughter to play with and they were going to take a ride down the slide together. When we arrived at the park she asked me to watch the stroller and she tenatively headed to the playground equipment. After a bit of coaxing--she made her way down the slide--with baby between her legs. A few minutes later she ran back over carefully placed her baby in the stroller..covered her up with the little blanket to keep the bugs and sun out of her eyes and went on to play a few more minutes.

Soon it was time to leave and she gently talked to her baby as we walked. I said, "Izabella you're such a good mommy! " she said, "I know." I said, "You do? Well, how'd you learn to be such a great mommy?" she replied immediately and much to my surprise. She said,"You Mommy. You are a great mom to me. And I am a great Mommy to my baby. That's how. Simple. I just do what you do." Ok, a tear of sweet joy in my heart as I write this!

On our way home, we ran into a neighbor friend and she asked Izabella, "What's your baby's name?" Izabella replied, as she busily fussed over her baby, "China Doll." She has only named two of the MANY animals and babies she has. She named the little lamb my friend Laura (a sheep farmer) gave her and I brought to China for her--the little lamb's name is Franny. And a spotted horse my sister and her husband gave her--named "China." Now all spotted horses are named "China." or so she thinks. Interesting.

One more memorable conversation from today (there are many but these stood out and I wanted to remember them):

This morning on the way to school she wanted to know if she could wear make-up when she a big girl. I explained she doesn't need make up. She's beautiful without any and always would be no matter how "big" (old) she gets. That's when something strange happened--her face dropped into a VERY SAD place and with tears welling up in her beautiful brown eyes and she said,"Oh, but mommy- I don't want to have white skin ! I like my peach skin. I don't want to lose it!" What? I have no idea what putting make-up on and losing your skin color has to do with anything--is it the foundation I put on? Perhaps. What I do know is she has been pre-occupied with her skin color vs. ours since early on. So, we have talked about it in a special way--which it is! And we love her peach skin. She even proclaimed her discovery one day that she's Peach and White. See!" As she showed me the inside of her arm, "I have white skin like you here--and peach skin here!" She wasn't convinced I was right about her keeping her peach skin, until I explained that before you're born--God decides what color skin you're going to have. And you have that skin color all your life! He gives some people white skin, others brown skin, others peach skin and some brown skin. But, no matter what--all people get to keep their skin color chosen specially for them--forever!

I am consistently fascinated by the way she sees the world. And challenged sometimes with how to answer--I'm sure all Mom's are. Thank you God for giving me the most precious gift of her and for allowing me the honor to be a Mommy--Izabella's Mommy.

Izabella--Mommy loves you do deeply! You are my heart, my dream come true, my everything!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meeting Daddy After school...

For a quick picnic date! A surprise for Izabella a JOY for us!
Beautiful day! Of course NOTE: her special friend "Franny" had to join us! Laura if you're out there following us--THANK YOU Again and Again. This little sweet lamb had become a very special friend.

"I love you daddy! I should have brought my puppies! They would love this!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nap-time! So Sweet!

She was so tired today! Just grabbed her special Franny (lamb given to her by one of my best friends from high school -- Laura--and also the only stuffed animal toy we brought to China with us) and curled up for some shut-eye!