Friday, January 6, 2012

Please Read!

If you are a follower of our journey to Izabella--you'll love this book --Chasing China; A Daughter's Quest for Truth [Kindle Edition] $2.99 @ I

It is an easy read--and I (a very slow reader) read it in a matter of hours. I can't stress enough what an important work this book is in the plight of orphans around the world. I promise it will touch you deeply--in places you never knew existed.

I believe --A good book stays with you after you turn the last page....this one did!

I'm not a huge reader or even movie-goer. I would like to be, but never find time to read or sit through a movie, and if I do, I lose interest easily. I can't watch a movie, or read a book more than once (with a very few exceptions). But those few I do get through--that I love the most--are those that get my gears moving and I can't shake it out of my head for days! The book or movie that seemed to reach into a part of my heart I didn't know existed--and bring it to the forefront in an astonishingly BIG way. Leaving me thinking about it's impact and what to do about it for days. This one--is one of those books! I'm still struggling with what to with the part of me this book touched--that's hitting me in the face everyday now that I've read it.

After finishing it--I looked at my precious daughter and couldn't separate Mia from her for days. The only word I have for that feeling is 'haunting"! Kay Bratt's ability to carry me with ease through this book-and leave me haunted by the facts in this fictional story--are a gift-to me and anyone who reads it.

I immediately wanted everyone I know--adoption family or not-to read it--so they would stop with the assumptions about the reason she is our daughter--her history. They'd open their minds and hearts to the plight of a reality that is so far from the comfort of the arms of their beautiful--but oh so protective---I'd even say cocooned-- families. I wanted them to read it so they would understand--there are so many children out there--that need the love of a family. That their life challenges are so far from our imagination--we can not begin to imagine the heart ache-the yearning they will feel--forever--not knowing. That they would open their hearts-their minds and their souls to these children--not just in China.

So--I'm writing this--in hopes--some non-adoptive families--might dare to give this book a chance. Even if you don't open your home to an orphan--that your mind would be opened to the REALITY of an orphan and be a little more sensitive to an adopted children-when you meet them in your everyday life. That they might find a way to "give back" to those that are helping these children--by donating to an organization (here are a few to check out--their work is amazing--An Orphans Wish or Starfish Foster Home, Love without Boundries Foundation, or  Half The Sky Foundation) that is dedicated to helping them get the surgery they need, supporting their families so they don't need to abandon them to get their child the life-saving surgery they need. The organizations that are doing everything they can to get these children the family they need. It might seem a small donation--but it's huge in the lives of a child.

AND if you dare--follow them on facebook--their day-to-day impact plays out before you. As children are given the hope of life--some the gift of a family--all the love of someone that cares. If noting else--it's a good daily reminder--that you are blessed in so many ways--that children around the world may never know.

As we waited for our daughter's face and location to be revealed to us--I thought of her birth parents--her journey--her circumstances--but only in a way that I could understand from the comforts of America. As adoptive families--we think we know the circumstances surrounding our children's early years. We also think we will never know--and find it easier not knowing for many reasons.

BUT--the minute we met her--I couldn't shake the guilt that I was privileged to call this girl my own-love her with all my heart--all at her birth parents sacrifice. It still bothers me. And as our daughter opens up--we realize this is not something that will never be comfortable--for anyone.

This book is not for the blind adoptive parent that thinks the past should be tucked away and we should stay focused on the future. The parent(s) that believe their child doesn't remember (she/he is too young). It is for those that want the truth of the story of their child and so many orphans--not just in China. That acknowledge their deep, many times self-inflicted suffocation of that need--to remember-to know--the details of their life before they found themselves alone at such a tender age.

If nothing else--this book reminds those of us--with big wonderful western families (rich or poor)--that they have a HUGE blessing in their family. Never to be taken for granted-to be cherished-honored and respected in everyway.

Thank you Kay Bratt--not just for writing this book--but for your un-selfish service/gift to orphans in China. Your heart is special--your determination inspiring! 


Chasing China; A Daughter's Quest for Truth [Kindle Edition] 

by Kay Bratt --Only $2.99 on 

Book Overview: Mia is beautiful, talented and has the world at her fingertips. But what makes her different than the average college student who juggles a heavy workload and a rat of a boyfriend? Many years ago she was born to an unknown family in China but soon discarded to fend for herself in a busy train station.  Fate stepped in when Mia was taken to the local orphanage and adopted at the age of four by her American family. Life has been good for her, or at least as much as she has allowed it to be while pushing her deep feelings of abandonment to the back of her mind. Finally she has decided that in order to move forward, she must confront her past. Mia takes a journey to the mysterious land of her birth and embarks on a mission to find answers. As she follows the invisible red thread back through her motherland, she is enamored by the history and culture of her heritage--strengthening her resolve to get to the truth, even as Chinese officials struggle to keep it buried. With her unwavering spirit of determination, Mia battles the forces stacked against her and faces mystery, danger, a dash of romance, and finally a conclusion that will change her life.  91,000 words, 344 pages.