Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mommy. What's that Red Dot Right There?

Izabella loves the mirror. She talks to herself in front of the mirror. She even plays with her imaginary friends in the mirror. It's so fun to watch her.

This morning she found a Red Dot between her eye brows. I looked and didn't see anything. So I dismissed it and moved on.

Later that morning--at school I saw it--the RED DOT! And I said with a bit of concern in my voice, 'Hmmmm...there is a red dot there Izabella. I wonder what that is."

She immediately responded, "Don't worry Mommy it's just a part of my body. It's ok. It will go away into my body. I think maybe it's there to help me have good ideas!"

She's so amazing how she processes things. I just love this girl. She's a gem...truly...deeply.

After leaving her at school,  I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love her little mind--and how she shares her thoughts, feelings and emotions about what's going on with her and around her so freely and openly. I remembered the days when I posted on this blog and I longed for the day she could share what she was thinking about the world around her, her feelings, her beautiful mind.

Then I realized I couldn't remember what it was like when she couldn't communicate with us. I thought--how is that possible I don't remember those days--they were not that long ago.

Then I realized, it's because she has never had a problem communicating with us. She has always communicated what she wanted, what she needed and how she was feeling. Even in those early minutes, hours and days of meeting her in China. And we have always marveled at how she just knows what we're saying to her--and we just know what she's saying, needing, wanting. And we happily listen, give her what she needs and meet her needs. It's magical I tell you--and the only way I remember those days is by watching video I took of her from those days.

Magical. I love this girl beyond life itself.