Monday, November 28, 2011

Izabella's Orphanage Supporting Organization--Half the Sky Foundation--Fundraiser

What can I say--except that this organization is powerful organization that's helping orphanages provide "NURTURING" care to the hundreds of thousands of orphans--just like Izabella everyday. And this give away--supports their efforts.

We are endeared to them for their support of our Izabella--although it's hard to believe--now when you see her sweet face and hear her sweet, smart and joyful voice, feel her sweet heart--she was an orphan--and they did the best they could to be sure she understood Love. And oh she does--Thank God she does.

Take a peek at this fundraiser--

There are three of these going on everyday for 12 days. This link is to Izabella's Organizations Supporting Foundation--but there are two others 'An Orphan's Wish" and "Pearl River Outreach" that do the same kind of work--and equally amazing and wonderful.

Each blog is giving away 3 different items each day--for 12 days to enter each you have to enter each. 

Check it out and enter today!

Fill Their StockingsJust cause I can't NOT share her sweetness with you here are a couple photos of our Sweet Izabella--two from our 2nd Year Family Day this year--we brought home Family Day gifts for her for every year til she is 18. This year she got a new chinese princess dress for HER and one for her BARBIE. From CHINA--with love from her Love Mommy and Love Daddy.

And this one from the week before we met her--oh how far you've come my sweet girl.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mommy I need a coin!

Today I had a meeting at Panera Bread. Izabella accompanies me to these meetings--thank God most of my clients are very good with doing this for me. Allows me to take care of our girl--at home. Talk about blessings. Anyway--we decided to hit the "bread bar" to pick up some of Daddy's favorite bread for dinner. While we were waiting in line. Here's what transpired next. 

I: Mommy do you have cash? You can use cash mommy. 

M: Yes. I know. And Yes I have cash. But we'll pay with Mommy's cash card. 

Waiting patiently in line. 

I: Peers into the clear box in front of her that has a bunch of coins dropped in, she looks up at me and say's Mommy I need a money for Ruby?

(Ruby is a little girl--with a heart defect--waiting for her Mommy and Daddy to come get her. They live here in our area--and we have playdates with Ruby's family during the summer. You can read their about their amazing journey to Ruby and their family here. They leave on November 25th and meet Ruby on November 28th. Caution..little Ruby is adorable! Izabella is very excited about her coming home, having a family and playing with her this summer at the park. And we will meet them at our Chinese New Years Celebration.)

M: What?

I: I need to put money in for Ruby. So she can get better. 

M: Oh. Ok. Here is some money. 

I: Puts it in and says, "Now I hope Ruby can get better." Then she examines the box closely--almost pressing her little nose against the little box--and says--"Mommy. Where is my coin in there? Can you see it?" 

The clear box was for donations to the "Children and Families of Iowa" organization. 

That girl. I'll tell you. Something else. :) Something pretty special. Such a huge heart!

This video was taken after Izabella's dance class one day a couple weeks ago. She dances in and out of dance class every week.

I was watching X-Factor tonight--the little girl Rachel on there was adopted--she was a crack baby when they made her a part of their family. Her parents were so clearly proud of her. My mind of course wondered to the day that Izabella would do something amazing as a young woman--and how I'd be busting at the seams with pride. Then I looked over at her--and realized--this girl makes me sooooo deeply proud everyday. The way she loves and cares about everyone. The way she reaches out to those that need help--prays for their health and safety--and just plain loves life--regardless of her traumatic beginnings has a beautiful and joyful heart. Everyone she meets is touched by her special heart--and I am so proud--she is ours! Thank you God for finding us Izabella.

I am proud a million times a day--no one event--no big event--can make me prouder than I am of you all day long.