Friday, June 24, 2011

A very special be published on...

"We Are Grafted In".

It's like being published in "Martha Stewart Magazine"--only better--it's not about "home-making tips" it's about "Making-homes-for-children without one - tips". One family at a time.

This website was the vision of a very special friend that you've heard me mention many times, our story here, on my blog--Kelly--she sent us the picture of Izabella hoping she might be our daughter--the night before our agency called with a referral to the same little girl! God uses this faithful christian woman in ways that are so deeply moving.

If you've adopted, waiting or paper-chasing, thinking about adoption as a way of growing your family, or even if you're just curious about all the ups, downs, twists and turns of adoption--this site is one you'll want to follow--it will not disappoint you, it is sure to move you, you will occasionally find some comfort when you read a post from a mom that's feeling the same way you are--and you thought you were alone. It will enlighten ALL. It's a very spiritual site that advocates for orphans--just as God calls us to do. As he laid on my heart to do.

Today--I am honored to have a post--published on this site. I am humbled, honored and blessed with this--truly. Deeply.

Visit and see us today--on this special site.

AND just cause pictures of our Izabella is what most really want to see--and the published post is titled "Mommy"'s a picture of our Izabella and I during a visit with our very, very special friends Shayna, Stella, and Zophia.

Shayna and I have been friends since 1995--However, I actually knew her family before I knew her (when she was assigned to work with me from our West Union Headquarters office--in our WDM office--she was my marketing assistant.) Since then--her family has become like my second family--before I met and married Dan and brought home Izabella--and I love them all dearly--and they are so good to me--as I have moved through some very important milestones in my life--they are always there for me/us now.

Needless to say--we were friends when we were both single, we'd often talk about getting married and having a family. I about adoption, of course. We talked about how it would be so great to have children the same age to play and grow up together. Of course we don't have control of such timing--but as God would have it--Zophia was born in February of 2006. As the years rolled by--it was looking less likely we'd realize that wish. A year later--we started our journey to adopt Izabella from China--3 years later we brought home a 28 month old daughter--that is just over a year younger than Shayna's Daughter Zophia. always moves me--when we get together and I see the girls play. God is sooo good.  
A little Disco anyone? Too funny. She loves to dance--and she's actually getting pretty good too.
This is one of my favorite all time pics--"our girls"!!!

My Silly Girl!
Shayna and her two daughters, Zophia and Baby Stella--Precious!
That Baby Stella is such a sweetheart!!!
This is my favorite picture of zophia--she was so excited
to take a picture with her friend Izabella and her Mommy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Goodness!

Last night Izabella and I were having a fun little chat about this and that. When she said something hilarious. She's obsessed with brothers and sisters--as you know by previous post. Here's what she said.

"I'm going to have a brother and a sister. Well maybe not a brother. But a little sister. She's in China. We'll just go get her. But I'm not going back to China. She's at the Honda Dealer!"

The other day we were visiting our dear friends Zola and Gary in Elm Creek. I was helping Zola on her computer--and Izabella was fluttering around us. When she stopped and played with my hair as she said, "I love you Mommy. I'm going to have a little brother." Zola said, "You are?" She said, "Yes. He's in China. We'll just go to China and BRING HIM HOME. But I'm not going back to China."

And one last cute story.

We have so many sweet fellow adoptive families that have become friends--although we have never met some of them. Several of them are in the process of going back to China to bring home their second child. So, we have been praying for these families and children every night. One of the children we've been praying for "Little Chloe's" family went to China a couple weeks ago to meet her and bring her home--they are on their way home as I type this.

This is how prayer time went the day I told her Chloe was meeting her parents and would be home soon!

Izabella prayed, "God Thank you for Hope, Sarah, Joshua and Ruby find Mommy and Daddy soon!"

I said, "Don't forget Chloe! Chloe needs your prayers too."

Izabella replied, "Silly Mommy. Chloe doesn't need any more prayers. She has her Mommy and Daddy now. She's not in China anymore and she even has two sisters!"

Ahhhhh....out of the mouths of babes!

(Pic of Izabella--at the Air Force Graduation Ceremonies last weekend.) Post coming of our graduation/birthday weekend! )