Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally! It's a snowman!

Actually,'s a snow family!

Update: I found this snow family Dan and I made in the summer of 2008. Yup--two grown late 40's adults, ventured out on a winter day and made a "snow family". Looking at it now--3-years later and 14 months a FAMILY OF 3--not in dreams, not made of "hopeful" snow--a REAL LIVE Family of 3 and I get a bit choked up. I remember taking this picture and praying--"Oh God, Please make us a family of 3". And I thought this snow family was so sweet. The eyes on our little chinese snow princess here, were not intentional. But after taking the picture--I remember saying--hey that's cool. Funny thing is. We thought we'd be adding a baby to our family. Hmmm..oh how God knows best. 

Looking at this picture now--This snow family doesn't look nearly as happy as our Snow Family with Izabella HOME. sweet it is. Funny how art-no matter how hard you try--reflects your inner soul. We just don't see it at the time of "creation". 

AND to top it all off--how cool is this? We made this snow family--just one day shy of the same day--3 years ago--January 27, 2008. Here read that post on this day to the day-3 years ago today--go here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Izabella dances her way through life. She dances at the sound of an tune--even if it's just a few seconds. And she loves to dance when she puts on a skirt (or a princess dress as she calls it.) This morning she got to wear a skirt for the first time in a while--it's been too cold. And she began to dance around her room--without music! She performed for me several times--and then insisted she have some music. Turned on her "shopping cart" music and this is what I captured.

She's such a happy girl. We are blessed--everyday in and out.

A few funny things she said this week:

Dan and I were measuring our slider, considering putting up a shade of some kind. We were discussing the options--I guess in a very serious manor when she said, 'Hey you two--talk nicely to each other." Hmmmm....ok Izabella!

She was on the pottty and had to "poop". I was with her in the bathroom, when she said, "Mommy, you don't want to be here for this. It's going to really stink."

Oh my...:)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Izabella's little mind...

1.21.2011: Oh my January is almost over--time flys now that this little one is in our lives.

I had to share a few Izabella conversations of recent--don't want to forget these:

One day Izabella told me she was sad. I told her it was ok to be sad sometimes, it happens. She isn't sad too often--so this was a big deal. Whenever I'm the least bit sad, she always says, "Mommy, don't be sad. Be happy. Be. Happy Mommy. Be Happy." And then she smiles ear-to-ear and says, "Like me Mommy. I'm happy!"

M: What are you sad about.
I: Nothing.
M: OK. That's ok. I'm sure you were sad when you lived in China, but you're happy now. You'll be happy again soon.
I: Oh, No, No, No, No. I not sad in China.
M: You weren't? That's great.
I: I not sad cause I had God.
M: Oh that's wonderful Izabella. Just wonderful.

Yesterday, Izabella, her baby Izabetta, and I were having lunch together. In our conversation, I commented that Grammy (meaning me) loved having lunch with her daughter and granddaughter. Izabella insisted she was not a "daughter", she was Izabella. So, I proceeded to again explain what a "daughter" was, and at the same time, what a "son" was. Here is the conversation from there:
I: But Mommy we don't have any little boys in our family.
M: No that's right. But some families do. Like the little boys in your class--they are their mommy and daddy's sons.
I: Hey, I have an "idea"! We can get a little boy for our family.
M: Really! We can!?
I: Yes, we can go to China and get a little boy!
M: Hmmmm...ok. We'll need to talk to Daddy about that.

After we had this conversation--I had to ask her about this on video. And got some fun commentary as well. Enjoy.'s sideways again.

Last night when Daddy got home. I related this conversation to Dan. He is happy with just the 3 of us. I expected a firm and definative "No." And clearly, we got a "no". But, it might be my imagination, but as I told him the story about our conversation, he got a sweet little glimmer in his eye. Good thing God in in control and not me or Dan or Izabella. :)

Everynight we say our prayers. And everynight we pray have some special prayers. But lately, we pray for my mom (she has had some rough days this winter and I for one am always worried about her.) to feel better and we pray for Ta Meng--her little friend from her orphanage in China. Here's how these prayers go--every night without fail:

We always have to do Grammy first! 

"God. Thank you make Grammy better very soon. Thank you she has Aunt Shelly and Uncle Topher and Ryan with her."

Then we pray for Ta Meng:
"God. Thank you make Ta Meng better very soon. And God. Thank you find Mom and Dad Ta Meng."
Then she looks up at me and says with this really excited beautiful face--"I have a Mom and Dad!"

Dan took some time off between Christmas and New Years to spend some time with Izabella. And oh they spent LOTS of time together. It was wonderful. Ever since then, I see changes in how she relates to him. When she talks to him on the phone she says with the sweetest little voice, 'Hi Daddy. What you doing? When you come home?" I need to record it--cause when you hear it, it just melts your heart.

At lunch today, she said, "Bye Daddy. I love you. You be careful. Snow. Hard to drive and make a road. Very slippery."

Many mornings she is up with us when Dan leaves at 6am! And when Dan leaves she says her goodbyes and loves. But lately she adds, "You come back Daddy? You come back soon?"

Everynight after I read her a book, she always has to read it to me right after I'm done reading to her. She's done this since we got home. I have a video of her reading her book last night. She read it to me, then I asked her to go read it to Daddy (cause I wanted him to hear it--it was too cute). Then I decided to video tape it--it is so adorable. You'll note a few things. When we try to help her--she gets very upset. Afterall, SHE's READING to us. And if you don't know the story, it's the story of Belle preparing and celebrating a birthday party for "mama". Some of it is not understandable to most--only we understand what she's saying. But, it's pretty cool anyway. What I love about this--is how much she LOVES to read! It's wonderful!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Izabella engineered her own plane...

She made this paper airplane all by herself and it flys! Well, a little flies just a little.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 castle Izabella!

It's a big day around here. Izabella loves her blocks her Aunt Shelly and Uncle Topher gave her and plays with them, just about daily. Usually she plays right under my chair on the chair pad I have. I try to get her to use her table, but she likes it under my feet. Today I suggested the table, and she thought it was a great idea, when I looked over to see what she had built,'s beautiful, and fascinating at the same time. Her other castles were just a whole pile of blocks a piled together in no logical fashion. This is a first, for building using patterns and fitting shapes together. I love how you can watch them unfold, right before your eyes. 
Izabella's description of what this is: 
The rectangle pieces with the round pieces inside them are the princess' bed to sleep in. The other tall part, is the castle. The bottom pink rectangle post is the "door". She said, "That's the door for the people to come in. But I lock the door to keep the people out. " OK! :)

[milestone] : "I'll never, ever, leave you baby!"

1.11.11: Hmmm....that's a lucky

I was working in my studio today while Izabella played on the floor next to me, when I heard her say, "I'll never, ever leave you Baby! Never, ever, ever!"

They say if you watch them playing with their baby dolls, you'll see yourself in what she does. In this case, it definately points to back to something we do A LOT. Izabella sometimes wakes up at night or after a nap and crys. When we get to her bed, we ask if she's ok and what's wrong. In an effort to sooth her and figure out what's happening, we ask her if she was scared? She usually says yes. Then we ask, what were you afraid of? She still says nothing, just usually huggin' on us at this point. We ask if she was afraid we left her? She says, "Yeah." And we reply, "Well, you never have to worry about that. We would never, ever, ever leave you Izabella. We love you so much."

With that said, we feel like this is  a huge milestone for her. This is the first time we've heard her say this. She's very attentive to her baby, feeds her, loves on her, pats her back and plays with her, but, this is the first time she's said this. I think it's a good sign that she is understanding that, just like she would never leave HER baby, we too would never leave her. So comforting to this Mommy's heart.

Some parents have a dreams for their children, what they'll grow up to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, dancer...etc. But when I think about what I dream of for Izabella, I pray and hope that we can teach her that she can trust those that love her--always and unconditionally, and give her the confidence and wisdom to make good healthy choices in relationships in life. If we can do that, I think she will be just fine in whatever she wants to do--as we call it--"for work." :) Given her history, this is a huge step in that direction. Praise God!

Of course, I had to capture it on video. Here it is (again--I took the video sideways with my phone--and the file is too big to email to my blog--so I have to send it to youtube...and this is the way it comes in...ugh! You'd think I'd learn to keep the camera in horizontal position...but it's a memory still--side ways or not.). 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Names for Mommy...

1.7.2011: Izabella has all kinds of names for me. I don't know if other mom's experience this--but i do and it's so precious.

A while back, while explaining to Izabella why she had two names, I told her, "oh, we all  have lots of names we go by. But the only one that can call me mom is YOU."

Well, in the last few months she has started to call me all kinds of pet names. Here they are--I don't want to forget them.

Mama Princess--It should be noted I am usually Mama Princess when she is Baby Princess or Princess ChunLei or Princess Izabella
Mama Kitty Cat--And I am usually Mama Kitty Cat when she is Baby Kitty Cat.
Mama Lisa
Lisa--It should also be noted--this one I always tell her is not ok--in our family it was a sign of disrespect to call your mother by her first name. It is a demotion of sorts, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mother is a special name just for one special person--your mother. To call them the name everyone else calls them is a step down and disrespectful.

Just a sweet little post. And one photo from another day I haven't shared yet--she got this princess dress, wand, shoes, crown, rings, necklaces from her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Ken. Here she is doing dance scales in her high heals mind you,next to her Harley Bike--that's my girl!

When she first tried on these "glass slippers" she said, "hurt mommy". I said, "Yup, that's the way it is--get used to it." But the next pair she tried on--same shoes BTW--"fit better." She's hilarious.

[Milestones] : She wrote her name

Izabella had a great day today! When I picked her up from pre-school her teacher showed me how Izabella had written her name on the back of her artwork for the first time with no correction or help! She related, "I almost cried when she was just doing one letter after another. Then when we got to the L's, I was working with another child at the same time and told them to do an "A" and she thought I told her to do an "A" and she did it before I could stop her. So if you look close, you'll see we had to squeeze in two little itty-bitty "L's" between the E and the A." Too sweet! 

I have to tell you--when I saw this beautiful sight, my heart skipped a beat. I was so proud of her! The teacher told me the others in her class are not there yet. So..again, she's exceeding her peers in some areas. I too got a bit teary. It's pretty precious. 

I recall a dear friend (Petrie) of mine telling me she wanted to be there to share the joys of all the little milestones they reach, which is why she homeschools--well part of the reason anyway. I know what she means--this is a beautiful moment indeed. Wish I was there. 

Infact, I was worried she'd lose some of the writing skills she'd learned before break, so I found a wonderful app on my android phone. She LOVES my phone, so now she can do "educational games" and she loves it. She loves doing her letters. This app is super cool. It show them an A and has them trace it. Then i told her, if she did it right, when she hit the speaker it would tell her the letter. If you mess up and want to start over, you just shake the phone and it erases like an etch-a-sketch. So cool! And you can change the color you use to make the letters. We do it together at least once a day. The other day, she did the entire alphabet and all the numbers with no errors. 

Yup..proud mommy!

New Friends In China Now!

1.7.2011: After adopting Izabella, our agency asked us if we'd like to be a reference family for them, we were more than happy to do this. And one day a few months ago, we got an email from a family that had some questions--our agency thought we'd be perfect to answer. You see we had a lot in common. Both our families were, older, childless, and Liz had been dreaming of her daughter in China since she was a child, like me. As we got to know each other over the last few months, we came to understand we had more and more in common. This new friendship has been such a blessing. 

AND yesterday, our new friends, Liz and Brad left for China to meet their daughter Natalie Rose! 

I know how much all the comments and support meant to us in China--even the support of complete strangers that happened on our blog--and gave us the gift of their prayers and good wishes. This journey is full of adventure and excitment--but it can be very stressful too. The comments and communication with loved ones at home is a blessing beyond words. 

So, I'd like to encourage you to visit their website--and post comments of support for them as they make their way--half way around the world to their beautiful Natalie Rose. I can not wait to see her in their arms. So take a front row seat on this miracle and follow along with them. Go to:

Pretty Pink Nails..and another God's Wink Moment

Izabella loves anything pretty, girly or princess. So when I went to get my "catapillars tamed" (that's lisa-english for eyebrows waxed) she was thrilled as she thought she'd be getting pink nails. I couldn't deny her--and this is why--look at that face. Is she a "happy girl" or what?

And we were blessed with a God's Wink Moment: The woman that does my eyebrows and nails name is Lisa (same as mine) that we found funny at first. I didn't go to get my nails done often--or my eye brows (hence why we call them catapillars--cause they get so bushy that's what they look like.) But, when I would she would always ask me about our adoption journey. So many times it brought comfort to me in the wait--as talking about it for me--was always a blessing. During our wait, Lisa got pregnant--and I just learned--on this visit that her daughter is 14 months old. After Izabella and I left, for some reason that age seemed funny to me, then I realized--we have been home with Izabella 14 months too! Next time I go--I must ask her daughter's birthday--how sweet would that be if her birthday was the same day we met Izabella in China. :) God is so good. He is in all the details.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Izabella's ABC's

1.6.2011: In the last few days, Izabella has started to say her "ABC's" it's pretty cute.
Sorry it's sideways--don't know how to turn it--took it with my phone (not prepared with my video camera.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We raised $215 for Susan G. Komen!

Our first annual “Trick or Treat for the Cure” was finally tallied last week! We were waiting on a couple container turn-ins and in the end we were so pleased to have collected $215. 
Izabella with the check, the donation form and envelope, collection cup and "Tally Jug". Just before we put the check in the mail. She said, "Don't worry Mommy. Doctors fix all the Mommy's now."

As you all remember, I think Beggar’s Night is great fun for our kids, no doubt because it combines the fun of playing dress up with a rewarding bucket full of candy, and an evening of trolling the neighborhood scaring up treats from friendly neighbors. I thought it would be fun to put a new twist on beggar’s night and collect for a good cause too! Izabella isn't allowed to eat much candy at all, so this would be a perfect alternative. As it turned out--folks couldn't resist giving her both. But, as I commented earlier, it gave a whole new meaning to the night for us as we made our way around our neighborhood. 

But, even more special, is the unexpected partner I found in my new friend Lori. You see it seems, my Izabella and Lori have something in common--that crosses across all generations and cultures--losing your mom. That's why Susan G. Komen was the perfect organization for us to collect for. As you all know, Izabella lost her mom in China at the tender age of 10 months and Lori lost her mom after a 12 year battle with Breast Cancer a few years ago. So, once we knew that, Izabella  decorated a cup in Memory of Lori's mom and collected money in memory her. This was an emotional part of our journey that evening. As each time we collected, we shared the story of Lori's mom and why we were collecting. Lori related to us, her Mom would be delighted at what a fearless and gentle collector she was that night. I was so proud of her. I look forward to collecting again next year. 

Izabella and Mom with her Cup decorated in honor of Lori's Mom!
Needless to say, my one-cup mission to teach my daughter the value of giving back, and how the lesson of how to franchise a fun event into a meaningful one as well, turned into full on fund-raiser. All of which would not have happened without Lori. She got involved and the program spread to her hometown of Adel through her small active hometown church, as they distrubuted cups at their annual "trunk or treat" event. They're collections were a large percentage of our donation and they're enthusiasm were such a welcome reward to Lori and myself as we worked through our first year.

We collected in West Des Moines and in Adel--and once we were were finished, we gave Lori the cup Izabella decorated in memory of her mom. We all teared up at this moment in our Trick or Treat journey. It is my hope, other children will collect in honor, or memory of someone they know that is fighting the battle, lost the battle or survived the battle with breast cancer. This gesture can touch their lives and lift them up beyond any amount of money.

In addition, Lori passionately brought several sponsors on board with cups donated by the Machine Shed Restrauant, and the Affinity Credit Union encouraged their members to take cups and collect along with us. My niece Katie worked with Staples Office Supply on Merle Hay Road to supply the much needed labels and posters we needed, and few of our very special neighborhood friends (special thanks to Nate, Natalie, and Luke) also collected for us.

This was our first year--we didn't have a lot of time or resources to get the word out--but next year--watch out central iowa--our kids will be out for tricks and a few coins for a good cause too! It is my hope this event will live on--to see many lives touched and the donations go on to save "so many moms, grammy's, daughters, friends--fearless women" all around the world.

Affinity Credit Union generously counted our 'Jug of Cash" for us and cut a complimentary Money Order for us to send to Susan G. Komen. Below are pictures from the big "count" day.
Lori signs the $215 Money Order!
The teller was so good to us. Izabella sat in her window and watched it all happen.
Izabella and Lori hold the check for the money from the drive that their "Mom's" Inspired.
A very special thanks to the Affinity Credit Union who have already agreed to support our efforts again next year. This partnership is crucial in bring integrity to our program for all that get involved.

Just a winter day shoveling....

We haven't had much snow this year. So Izabella loves to get out in it when we do, and she loves to help us with everything. (So hope this continues as she gets older--I'm told it will not--but you never know), so she went out to help Dad shovel the driveway. I love her rosy red cheeks.
Happy Little Helper!

That shovel looks huge in her little hands.

Being Silly with Daddy.

Hey Mom! You wanna help?

Yup! I'm a happy shoveler!


Yeah! I got it.

Ok Mom. We're coming!

Day after Christmas lazy day...

12.26.2010:  The day after Christmas was a really lazy day. We spent the morning in our front room, I learning about my camera and taking some experimental shots with it of Izabella, Dan working on fixing his GPS, listening to music, and Izabella donned in her princess dress and crown playing princess, looking for her prince/king (she hasn't figured out the king is the prince's father yet), taking a ride on her harley with her prince/king. Pretty funny, and going to the ball to dance with the prince/king.

Just some fun pics from that morning here. princess dress is caught on my harley wheel.

Sad because, "I can't find my prince!"

"Hi Mom."

Daddy gave Izabella an mp3 player, he loaded some music on it and this was her first reaction.Although she hasn't shown much interest in it since. I LOVE the look of happiness and JOY on her face. It never grows old for me.

Playing a round with Daddy.

"Daddy tickle me again!"

A quiet second.

Daddy was dancing and twirling her around. I love the movement in this shot.

She was running around and around chasing Daddy (her king).

A quick rest.

I love this pic. Don't know why--just do.

"I'm going to catch you!"

Daddy is so fun.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very old handmade sweater!

1.2.11: This little sweater and hat was made by me--and finished up by my mom. I started the sweater for 'my daughter" in 1985 and got it done up to the collar. It moved in my knitting basket with me from VT, to CA, back to VT and then to IA over a 15 year  period before my mom so graciously offered to finish it up on one of her visits to see us in early 2002.  Then sat in my "hope chest" until this winter--when it fit our Izabella! And it looks better than when I dreamed of a daughter while knitting it over 20 years ago.

Note...the heart necklace...:) Just like mommy's!

OK..I love how this shows the color a little better. And her little lips are so perfect. :)

LOVE this photo...look at that precious face.

Is this the funniest look ever? I love it! Couldn't resist...or is it the hat and the look? Hmmmm....

Christmas Day!

12.25.2010: Christmas Eve Dan got a call that he'd have to go into work to take care of icey roads at 1:30am Christmas Morning and he wasn't sure when he'd be home Christmas Day. We were all bummed. We were so looking forward to this Christmas. Izabella had really grasped the magic and miracles of Christmas and we were all looking forward to that morning. All we could do was pray.

Before the call came in--we were outside most of the morning, enjoying the new snow fall. Dad made it especially fun when he pulled out our riding lawn mower (san mower blade deck) and hooked up Izabella's sled for a ride on our not plowed yet side street. We had so much fun. As you can see. And incase you wonder if it was safe--we couldn't go much over 5 mph. It was very safe. Some would think we were nuts, but it was reminiscent of the days of riding our toboggan hitched up behind our snowmobile when I was a child. Sooooo stinkin' much fun! Just an urban version--san snowmobile. :)

Izabella and I went to Christmas Eve service while Daddy hit the sack early as his call in was so very early. The Christmas Eve service theme was "Illumination" and it was a sight to see. Very beautiful, I think by far one of the most beautiful Christmas services I've ever attended. The sermon was about how "light" is referenced in so many of the passages, especially in the passages that tell the story of how Jesus was concieved and born. Izabella was such a good girl. She sat quietly and patiently on my lap during the sermon, but was still as a statue when a pregnant "Mommy Mary" appeared on the alter with "Daddy Joesph". We had talked alot about the birth of Christ--so she was fasinated. She pointed and said, 'Look Mommy, it's Mommy Mary! Where baby Jesus?" Of course I explained he was not born yet. Later in the service, Jesus was born and we learned about the shepherds that visited him and followed the star to where he was. It was beautiful. Truly Precious. At the end we sang "silent night" and every held a lit candle. She loved, loved this part--as I explained that this light was like the light in our life from God. Look at all the lights of love from God in all these people--thousands!" It was so moving. When it was time to leave, Izabella said, "I want to do it again Mommy." Of course we will again next year.

We arrived home and made our Sugar Cookies for Santa. Wrote him a letter and sprinkled the magic reindeer oats outside for Santa's reindeer treat. Then we opened one "toy" gift and her new Christmas jammies "gift". And it was off to bed. It didn't take her long to go down--we had a very full and exciting day--she was pooped. Before she went to sleep--I told her Daddy might not be home in the morning, so we'll need to wait upstairs for him to come home--then we can go down and see if Santa came. Then we prayed that Daddy would be home early so we could have our special day together--Jesus' birthday, and Christmas.

Christmas Morning, I heard Izabella stir. So I jumped out of bed to be sure she didn't go downstairs. Just as I got the hallway--she was headed out of her room--and we heard something--the girls (our dogs) did too and headed downstairs with a flurry. Could it be? Could it be Daddy was home? We scurried downstairs to see. As we got the bottom of the stairs--there was Dad coming into the kitchen after feeding the girls. It was an answer to prayer--my Christmas was perfect, cause Dad was home.

We had such a grand day. We opened our gifts and enjoyed every moment of it. Then I started dinner, my niece Katie came over to join us of dinner and exchange gifts and we even got to meet her new special friend Andy. He is such a nice guy--I am so happy she is happy! We skyped with my sister, brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, my nephew Ryan and my Mom. It's so nice to have a way to be together from thousands of miles away. Although we wish we lived closer so we could all be together--we're thankful for what we have. Then, we finally had dinner--much later than I had planned, the rolls didn't come out like I wanted and the turkey was a little dry, but hey--we're fortunate to have dinner and family. Dad was exhausted so he headed to bed early and Izabella and I had a quiet evening together.

Our Christmas Miracle: I asked Dan why he was home so early? Did they let all the guys go? He told me, 'No. Infact he'd still be working if he hadn't gotten a flat tire with his truck."

Here's a whole bunch of pics of our day. :)

This is actually a video still--she helped me address (ok just the ones we hand delivered), lick and stuff our Christmas Cards! It was adorable.

Another Still--this is Izabella Stuffing Envelopes

And addressing them with LOVE and lots of "faces" and "letters"

A video still again--I she finally got to make a "snow angel", but the snow was to light for a snowman! Cute video I'll put up later.

Lawn mower sledding. :)

I got to ride along too...we had so much fun.

Checking Santa's Christmas Cookies in the oven--again a video to come.

Writing her letter to Santa Video Still...

Here Christmas Eve Gift was a Dr.'s Kit. She LOVES it--and is the perfect "healer".

The finished Santa Letter and cookie.

Yup...she was a super good girl. Santa came..and brought a pink flute, pink princess dress with a polka dot bow and a heart necklace like mommy's. It has 6 stones inside it--one that represents each of the following: Joy, Faith, Hope, Courage, Love, Patience.

Izabella Sleeping with Visions of "Sugar Plums" in her head. :)

Santa CAME : Playing her flute, with her heart necklace on and her princess dress on.

This was a wooden train set--it was super heavy! She managed to get it over to where she can open it. Upon which she began to pant heavily and say, "Whew. I need to take a breath."

She is such a great mommy. She loves this little baby set.

And she loves this truck that is just like the one Daddy drives at work!

Just a cute picture of her excitement.

Oh...Man...she did not like this Grinch! Too funny. We purchased it with the book, the proceeds go to charity. It will be more fun next year. :)

This is Izabella raising her hand...I'll be next Mommy!

Her Gramma Arndt made this very special blanket for her. SHE loves it. Can you tell?

OH Yes and the "pillow pet" A DOLPHIN. She sooo wanted one of these.

Then she curled up with Dad with it and pretended to fall asleep--snoring and all.

Another beautiful baby--that looks just like her!

Thanks Dad for putting my train set together!

Dan and Izabella being usual.

Izabella's turn to be "bow face"

sniffing a flower she made with her "bristol blocks"! A couple new super fun sets from Aunt Shelly and Uncle Topher!

Katie and Izabella doing a hi-five with the bristol blocks "hands".

Playing Go-Fish with Andy and Cousin Katie!

A sweet picture with Katie and Andy.

And just cause it's fun--"a goofy" face one too! Great way to end a perfect day!