Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Papa! We Miss YOU soooo much!!!

A letter from Izabella to Papa on Christmas Morning!

"Papa I wooovvv ouuuu" and "isss ouu"...Santa came to see me last night and brought me a really cool piano and a Ki lan Doll that's my new friend! I can't wait to show them to you. I so wish you didn't have to work, cause no one plays with me like you do! You're my favorite silly guy! You are so special to me..I just can't hug and kiss and hold your hand enough! I thought you'd enjoy this little slide show of our time together Christmas eve and a few shots from this morning-as I watched it, it made me a sad, cause you're not with us today!

This Christmas I want to: Thank you for flying halfway around the world to bring home and giving me a forever home. Thank you for being my forever Papa and working so hard to give me a warm home, all the food a little girl can eat, all the lovin' I need whenever I want it, and a future that is very bright. Thank you for teaching me so many amazing things, and taking me places for special time just you and me. Thank you for giggling with me, rocking me to sleep every night, for making sure my baby is in my bed with me tucked nicely where I can hold her anytime I want. Thank you for teaching me about Harley Motorcycles, they are so shiny and have the fun-est horn to blow! Thank you for giving me my first sled ride. Thank you for taking me and my baby for a walk with the dogs. Thank you for being soooo excited to see me everytime you come home from work. Thank you for playing with me in my bath. Thank you for taking me to see Dr. Zhou, so he could make me feel better than I've ever felt!

But Papa--most importantly--Thank you for teaching me about Jesus and all the mountains he moved and miracles he performed to give me this amazing life with you! Thank you for stepping out on faith, taking on more than you thought you might be able to handle so that I could have a life with you--and a future that is brighter than I ever dreamed possible.

Thank you for opening your heart to a little girl you did not know, that lived halfway around the world, and letting her in with open arms. That little girl is me..and I will love you forever for doing this for me. And I will cherish, honor and respect you all the days of my life--and after!

Love you Papa! With all my heart! Forever and ever!

Your Izabella

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Izabella is doing is very sick!

soooooo sorry for not posting earlier. And this will be short...but I wanted you all to know we're fine. Izabella is doing amazing--and adjusting so quickly to everything around here. We had several doctor's appointments and she came through with flying colors on all counts except one skin issue we can't seem to fix--YET! Her cardio doctor said her repair was EXCELLENT and only has a slight murmur that is not an issue. And to see him in a year!

I on the other hand am very ill and have been for a few weeks. I have been to the doctors myself a couple times and finally got a doctor that agreed I was truly very sick (yeah the other one sent me home to DEAL with over the counter stuff that didn't touch any of it) and infact I had H1N1 flu, bronchitis and very close to Pnemonia! So...I feel like I've been in a fog. Thankfully my mom is here and has been helping me with Izabella. The blizzard that hit is keeping Dan working 20 hour he's tired too. But...we're all ok...and have drugs for me now, we're in a safe and warm home, and we're thanking God everyday for this precious gift He has given us. I was crying the other night talking about how amazing it is to have her FINALLY and that she is such a good girl. She was sitting on my lap--and she looked at me, took the tissue out of my hand (ready for the next sneeze or cough) and wiped my tears away--then she signed "I love you" over and over. It was precious...truly we are sooooo VERY blessed and can never THank God enough for her in our lives.

I will close by saying. My thoughts are VERY often with her birthparents--how their heart much have broken into a million pieces when they had to give her up--with the hope she would find the care she needed to survive. I just know this absolutely beautiful little soul (Izabella) was the same girl at 10 months as she is now--and I can't imagine giving her up. Chokes me up to say that. So it must have been devasting for them. And I they must be such beautiful people--cause she so beautiful inside and out! I wish there was a way to tell them she is ok and loved beyond measure and always will be! Of course I can not do that--but I know our God can--and I pray all the time He gives them the message of peace and comfort when they think of her so their hearts will know she is fine--because they made the ultimate sacrifice for her.

I wish you all a very BLESSED Holiday. I will post photos and videos as soon as I can, I promise. The drugs are helping and I can now sit up without pain and feel a little less foggy.

I hope everyone has a truly BLESSED HOLIDAY. And for all those waiting for their little ones--my heart goes out to you and I pray for you daily. May God give you the gift this holiday of comfort and peace that He will deliver your chlld in the perfect timing.

Love, Izabella's Mom!