Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're through review!

7.8.09: It's late, it's been a nutty two months, I'll catch up a little at a time, but, it's monumental--it's HUGE...and it happened in my precious JULY 09..just as God layed on my heart when we started this journey--something Big will happen in July of 09...and it did. We are officially through review. This means if we get a referral we will be able to travel to get her a couple months earlier than if we had gotten a referral before we were through review. AND it means we are another notch closer to see her face! I am disappointed we didn't get a call with this weeks batch of referrals--ok VERY disappointed. My sister and her husband are here from Vermont--and it would have been so perfect to get a call while they were here--besides the immense joy of getting a call no matter who is here! But, yet again it was not in our plan. We also had to update our homestudy--for the 2nd time! That was a bit discouraging--but we will continue to do what is necessary to see our way down this magic carpet ride to our sweet little Izabella.

So, this is the post from our agency that they were officially informed of the review date including our LID of 7.17.07:

C*AA Completes Review of Dossiers for July and August 2007

The C*AA has finished the review of dossiers and paperwork registered with their office during July and August of 2007. The timeframe for the dossier review process varies as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month that is currently under review.

What Does it Mean when My Dossier Has Been Reviewed?
Families often ask what it means when a dossier has been reviewed. The review process is when the C*AA is checking all documents in a family’s dossier. If the C*AA requires any additional information or has any questions about the family, they will contact the agency to request this information and the family will then be contacted to follow up on anything that is needed or requested.Though the dossier review stage is most often when any issues or questions about a family’s dossier are addressed, the C*AA can sometimes request additional information once a family’s dossier is in the matching room.

Though it is more rare, families should be aware that they can still be asked to provide additional information at that stage as well.

God is good..he's so good. We just need to do our medical paperwork again and we're good to go! I was hoping we'd have a referral and travel before the end of November--so that we could avoid the I-171H and fingerprint updates. You never know--but that doesn't seem like reality--so we need to plan on doing that--in November.

Hope you all are having as crazy fun and busy summer as we are!