Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My MOM is here...

5.6.09: First of all--THANK YOU to all those that expressed concern for me over the past couple weeks. It's been an interesting few weeks indeed. Life has been very hectic--my mom arrived for her much anticipated spring annual visit and it's been catching up and cramming lots of things the same time trying to get her healthy again--and avoid her getting the swine flu--which with her compromised immune system--surely would kill her. Hence--we have been scrambling to get studio work wrapped up and everything done and lined up to DRIVE her home to Vermont. I decided it was too risky to put her on a plane--and my husband didn't hesitate for a second to say, "absolutely--we're drivin'" I love that man! He's so good to me and love my mom--wow! So we leave tomorrow night and will have a couple days with mom and my sister and brother-in-law in Vermont and then do the trip back to Iowa on Monday night--home Tuesday. It's a quick trip--but it's not a vacation--just want to get mom home safe. As with any trip like that--it's stressful.

One of the things that was a concern is the expected shared referral list arrival this week. I was of course sooooo hoping we'd see Izabella's face while mom was here with us. And I was hoping it would happen on Monday--so we'd have all the paperwork done and in place before our trip. As God would have it--that's isn't the case. And I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I'm all ok with that--cause I'm soooo was so discouraged with it and as one mom posted in our agency group yesterday, "I'm very weary with this wait". BUT--after some wise and very compassionate words from another mom--and many other sweet things that happened--I'm fine. But, I must say, were it not for my faith--and for how God has shown me time and time again--just when I thought it was not going to happen--he opens another door--I would give up. But because I have faith--truly--that He is in control. He knows best. And that all this is happening so perfectly. I will continue. Tears rolled and I was choked up on the verge of tears for two days--and today--well--we're off to May--that's all there is to it.

Mom and I have had a wonderful time--chatting about Izabella--all the new things I've learned in the books I'm reading--sharing with her all the amazing friends I've met, their stories and their inspiration. We went to a store I've been wanting to go to--but wanted to go with her--I knew she'd go nuts--and she did. It's a beautiful nursery store. We found the perfect bedding--she wanted to buy it, but it's a custom bedding set--and you can design it yourself--so there are some modifications I'd like to make. So when we get that done--Izabella's grammy will purchase her beautiful bedding. Mom is finishing up a gorgeous blanket and pillow set she made for Izabella last spring. It's soooo beautiful--and of course amazingly soft! We also hit the fleece store and picked out some fleece for her "sq-wish" and we did the "test run" of the quilt to figure out the final measurements and plan for the quilt. I'm so excited to work on it. As God would have it--we were working on it at the time the annoucement of the referrals hit on Monday! I will post a picture of her quilt when she gets closer to finishing it.

My mom is an amazing garderner--I learned to love gardens from her and my grandmother (my fathers mother). So every spring she helps me plant our flower pots and garden. And while doing so--our special neighborhood children joined us and learned how to "pick up night crawlers" and sell them to fishermen. Cheyanne said, "My mom says money doesn't grow on trees, but it crawls in the ground." Too funny. I love it. I got a jar put some cornmeal in it and they gathered them as we turned the soil in a little patch by the house for our vegetables. It was such a sweet day. We were exhausted--but it was a wonderful day.

Dan did his ritual washing of the cars and his bike--and I convinced mom to go for a ride. She initally told me no way--but I told her Dan would be gentle--and he was--after one quick ride around the block--she said, "Don't stop--let's go for a little ride." Dan grinned ear to ear. It was so sweet to see!

To close--I want to share this photo of my special niece Katie and I on Easter Sunday. We decided to do a "girlfriend-self timed pic together". Then in usual silly Katie style--it turned silly and we did all kinds of facial expressions--"surprised", "goofy", "cross eyed"...and "pouting". So...yup..although I'm ok with not seeing my daughters face in this batch--I have done a little pouting--and this is exactly how I felt. It's not a flattering picture--but it's perfect for the represent the last two days.

One quick note--or those that haven't sent their Izabella quilt square yet--please do so I can include you in this VERY special blanket for our girl! Click here to go to our quilt blog and read about the quilt, it's Chinese tradtion and origin and how to be a part of this for Izabella.

A very special thanks for Annette, Laurie, Melissa, Naomi, Denise, Kelly and Tonya for always being there for me--even when I'm absent from it all in my weary state! You're words of wisdom, your prayers and compassion are priceless! Truly priceless!

NOTE: My mom says--I shouldn't post those pics--cause she wasn't all put together--and she is most always put together--but I love them no matter--cause it's her amazing heart that I see--I love her soooo very deeply. And do not know what I'd do without her.

Izabella--whereever you are. I pray you feel the comfort of God's tender care for you--even if you don't know what it is yet. That you feel our love for you--even though we haven't seen your face yet, and that you are safe, and warm. I love you...and so can not wait to see your face.