Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Helps to Know the Day is Getting Closer....

4.16.09: I was headed to my early morning meeting--when this song came on the radio and it so touched my soul. The chorus is soooooo dead on to my heart about this wait for Izabella. I hope it touches you like it did me. I really love this guy's music. It's sweet but has a beautiful high energy to it! Enjoy.

Here's my favorite lyrics....

Just want to be with you.
Just want this waiting to be over.
And it helps to know the day is getting closer.
Just want to be with you.

Every Minute Takes An Hour.
Every Inch Seems Like a Mile.
Til I won't have to imagine.
And I'll finally get to see you Smile.

Notice the beautiful fall leaves water fall (a very typical Vermont--my birth state) followed by a Asian Tree Image (Izabella's Birth Country).

Izabella's Room is Started....

4.16.09: I have a ton of meetings today--but I wanted to post quick that I purchased the first item for Izabella's Room. It's a's my inspiration for her room...and I think it will be adorable in her room. I want her room to be whimiscal--with brightly colored flowers, butterflies and dragonflies outlined in black, with accents in black and white polka dots and pink gingham. I have spotted several items like this that I think will work well together--but haven't purchased any of it yet. So with this purse in hand--it's a start. I think we'll get her one of those 4-in-1 Beds, as we don't know if she's be in a crib or a toddler bed, and don't expect even if she is in a crib it will be for long. The 4-in-1 will allow us to quickly move from one stage to the next when needed to support a smooth transistion with sleep. I've heard all ranges of situations from BTDT mom's some say their children hated the crib, some loved it, some didn't settle in for a full nights sleep until they converted the crib to a toddler bed for them. So we think if we can be flexible--we'll be good to go!

Here's a picture of the adorable purse I got her at an online Intials, Inc. party. Of course it will have Izabella's name on it! How sweet is that! Fun stuff.

Not much else happening here. Working, enjoying warm evenings on the deck grilling and MY white TULIPS are in full bloom..the red ones are ready to pop soon!

Have a great weekend everyone--it's Thursday already. Where does time go. If time goes this fast without Izabella--what will it be like with her? Wow!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Shot for our Izabella--

4.9.08: I'm headed out to the doctor this morning to get my second series for Hep B shot. As much as I hate shots--it is all ok with me since this puts us one more step closer to Izabella. Dan is already done for LIFE through his work, so he's good to GO!

Go! Yes, I wish we could Go! But for now we'll just Go to the Doctors. I did have an encouraging conversation with our FC at the agency. Again no guarantees--but more information--which is good. Our biggest hold up is our dossier is not through "review" yet. For those that don't know what that is--China logs all Dossiers (the stack of paperwork we sent of our life-birth cert, marriage cert, photo profile of our home and community, homestudy, passport, letter of request..) when it is rec'd. BUT they do not actually open it and review and verify any of it right away--they work through the stacks of Dossiers submitted in order of receipt. They are working on Dossiers received in April 2007 now and that month is a huge one--as it was the month before the May 1, 2007 change in regulations. So anyone who didn't qualify under the new regulations (i.e. BMI under 130, $80,000 net worth, age limit change from 55-50, no more single parent adoptions...) had to get their dossier prepared (which takes months!) and to China and logged into the Chinese Adoption Agency system before May 1, 2007. So...for that reason hundreds if not thousands (who knows how many) of applications were rushed through to make the May 1 deadline. So April is a huge month of applications! After April 07 though it should speed up--and of course we're in July 07 not too far behind.

So, because our dossier has not been reviewed -- if we were to get a referral it would take an extra 2 months for us to get approval to go get her. Where if your dossier has already been approved--you can go a couple months earlier--as that step is already done. They estimate the added "review" step for us would take about 2 months--they'd have to fish out our dossier from the piles in their review room--then move it through the system to get it approved. There are people getting referrals without being through the review room--but that was before the on-slaught of people in 06 already reviewed--began moving to the SN program--which has been a lot lately!

So...if they have a child that matches our requested needs, age and sex and there is a family with the same needs, age and sex--they would go with the family with a dossier "through the review room" before us--in the best interest of the child. As the child will be home sooner with an 06 already reviewed dossier than with us. Sooo that's the scoop.

But, I also now know we are in good shape as far as the "needs" we picked only about 30% of the people in the program have picked the need we did. So that's good news. And we've completed the new app--which some of those have not.

So...again---in the end--as you can clearly see--it all up to God and He already has her chosen for us--and no matter LID, or review room status, or anything else in the "real world" that supposedly gets in the way of our seeing her face and bringing her home--He will move mountains (those obstacles) when it's all meant to be and I am sure we will know what mountains he moved for us! I can't wait!

That's it for an update here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

HAPPY, HAPPY MAIL DAY..delivered with a couple belly laughs

4.4.09: That's right laughs--the kind that makes your side hurt and brings a tear to you eye!

The Happy, Happy Mail Day consisted of a few direct mail pieces, a Sq-wish Package in the mail from a new friend and adoptive mom Tonya (she just returned home a few weeks ago with her daughter Matti) from Texas...she is my best medicine as she always makes me laugh--and I mean laugh out loud (LOL). She's a hoot!

AND a note from my niece Britney in Vermont saying they're planning a trip to see us in April! Yeah!!! Tons of great news. They have never visited us in Iowa--and they're very excited about making the trip. They are going to drive. We will finalize plans this week. My mom is visiting again for a few weeks April we'll be surrounded with love in April--how fitting for the month of Easter.

So this is the belly laugh part! The Sq-Wish from my friend Tonya arrived in an envelope marked with a note that referenced an earlyer post called "Happy Mail Day". For those that don't know--it's a day when you get no bills! I don't see many days like this--but have had a couple lately. And TODAY was one of them. If you look close--you can see the instruction she wrote on the outside of the envelope was "Postman-Please leave in mailbox if Lisa had NO BILLS. I want her to have a HAPPY MAIL DAY. LOL" OK--too funny--seriously I literally laughed out loud as I pulled it from the mail box!!! Then I proceeded inside and upon closer examination--I realized the POSTMAN had written a note too!!! It said, 'From the Mail Man, NO BILLS". :) I LOVE IT...can you believe it--hilarious--what a hoot! And of course there were some references to the great state of Texas that were also funny. We actually talk about moving to Texas--so maybe someday. SO YES IT WAS A HAPPY, HAPPY MAIL DAY! So Tonya--if you sent me a package every day will I never get another bill? :) So funny!

AND the Blessings continue--Inside the package was the softest most adorable fleece. AND after I read the wish--I realized it was an incredible gift as well. The fleece she sent is from a blanket that they took to China with them when they meet their their daughter Matti. She used it in her crib during their stay in Texas. On the wish card if you look close you can see she put a couple pictures of her precious daughter Mattilyn in the crib with this very fleece-blanket! Oh my goodness--what a precious gift. Thank you Lord--wow--this is amazing. Tears rolled down my cheeks I was so deeply moved. I know this sounds nuts--but I put it close to my face, thinking I could feel our Izabella--this blanket was in China with my friend and her daughter, where our Izabella is and it made me feel closer to her just touching it. It's amazingly precious!!! Beyond words. God has blessed me with a new friend and I am immeasurable thankful for her and all she does for me. You see she is seriously a hoot--and seriously always makes me laugh and lifts my spirits--however as this package demonstrates she also has an amazingly thoughtful and sweet heart, I am so grateful for her friendship. I can't wait for her and Matti and her family to meet Izabella. She is a true inspiration in so many ways--thank you from the depths of my heart Tonya.

God is so good. good.