Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My dear, sweet friends May & Wade's wedding day...

Oh my--we went to a wedding of a two sweet friends of mine--it was especially special, because I consider them both my friends. I'm not sure I've ever been to a wedding where I could say that. Infact, they were my friends before they got together. I was privledged to be on the front end of it in a very small way--and I'm soooo happy for them. She is from Thailand--and is now officially a US citizen...and our country is a better place for it. She is the most precious person I know. Her spirit is so pure and so beautiful. As I mentioned earlier--I am most happy to say, I was on the pre-wade & may side of things when Wade was smitten with May--and May had a steady boyfriend from Thailand. One night while attending a design conference in Chicago (we're all designers and all were at the conference). He asked for a little help--as May and I we were rooming together at a design conference in Chicago--so of course I had to oblige. Cause it was clear to me they were of the same beautiful spirit and the I'm sorry to say the boyfriend at the time was tarnishing and hurting our beautiful May's spirit. She was often sharing hurt, frustration and disappointment in him...he's a good guy..they just weren't good for each other. So...5 years ago they got together--I warned May that Wade was a "committment phob" and that it wouldn't be a challenge to get him to love and adore her--but it would be a challenge to get him to settle down. But if anyone could do it, it would be her. I knew this from our sweet conversation that night and from what I knew about Wade from the hours of conversations before that night. And yesterday, they became man and wife, in a tear-jerking ceremony in a little country chapel here in Iowa...it was precious...truly. I video taped their ceremony--and tears of joy flowed down my face--as they said their vows. And no kleenex to boot--but my friend Shayna--always prepared was at my rescue. I'm posting here a little movie I made of their vows and the images I captured of the rest of the celebration. They wrote they're own vows. It's was so moving. Listen carefully--it's hard to hear--but it's soooo sweet. She was gorgeous and he was so handsome and beaming. Bless you my friends..."...and the greatest of these is Love—1 corinthians" ...I am so excited that Izabella will get to have May in her life. How special is that...:) so many blessings for one little girl...:)