Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet "xiongmao's" (Panda's)

1.30.08: Each Sq-Wish package that arrives is sooo special...and each one reduces me to tears. But it never ceases to amaze me how each one touches a different place in my heart, each one arrives with the most perfect timing, with the most perfect message--assuring me, we are on the right path. This beautiful and ever-s0-amazingly-soft sq-wish is from a very dear friend Tori and her family. I worked with Tori for almost 6 years, I overheard her often talking to her daughters on the phone--with one thing or another--and each time she got off the phone--I remember thinking "wow, what a great mom she is--I hope to be as good a mom someday." I saw her faced with a health issue with one of her daughters that tested her motherly intincts to the point where she took action other mothers might have hesitated to do--and this one saved her daughters life. It was a mis-diagnosis--that she just knew in her heart was not right--and she was "right on". Ahhhh...the amazing love of a mother! Tori, it is such a special honor to recieve this gift from you for our Izabella. You will always be a part of her life--her story.

Tori's wish card speaks to the 23rd Psalm--her favorite passage. It reminded me that life here on earth is not easy--but if we keep our faith in Him and live with confidence he will guide us--there is much more comfort in this journey we call "life". Soooo true. Life has been especially difficult on many levels. But everytime I say a prayer and leave it as his feet...he always comes through for me with an answer.

The other really wonderful part of this gift is the surprises kept on happening--each step of the way into this little beautiful surprise gift. The outside of the envelope had the most adorable messages "A little girl captures your heart...ahhhh" and "thank heaven for girls!" Then inside it was wrapped so beautifully with the sweetest Pink sticker that said "with love", and then of course, the wish itself was so beautifully written and touched my heart deeply. I can't wait for Izabella to meet them all! I have included the packaging in this picture--as it was soo beautiful. Thank you to my dear friend Tori and to her family for their love, prayers and support on this very long journey. You make this all so much easier for me.

Monday, January 28, 2008


1.28.08: Yesterday was a gorgeous winter day in Iowa--it's been so bitter cold--but yesterday the temps were in the 40's by the end of the day--so we ceased the opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather. We washed our cars (boy does that feel good--they get so grimmy with all the salt and sand), we played with Sadie--she loves to play--it doesn't matter to her in the snow or not! Montana is a little more calm--she's the observer--the guarder of our family. And Dan and I threw all adult inhibitions aside--and made a little snow family! I think it's been at least 30 years since I made a snow man. It was the most fun you can have on a Sunday in our little yard. The pictures speak for them selves....this morning...another warm day....the snow family has melted...thank goodness for another warm day.