Saturday, March 26, 2016

This Changes Everything!

Fabulous Easter Sermon. Ironically called "This Changes Everything" during his sermon he dropped word banners with words that describe the things we'd like to change. One of the words was "addiction" - Izabella asked what that meant. I told her drugs or something you think you can't live without. She said, " But I have an addiction! An addiction to Mommy and Daddy! That's ok isn't it!?" Yes indeed it is. He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

She was so excited for the Easter bunny. I don't recall why- but somehow along the way-I told her a silly Easter bunny story of how the Easter bunny lives in a magical tree...and each year I have to go to the tree to tell him the Easter basket wishes. So this year she wanted me to take a picture of the items to be sure he knows the exact panda she wanted, not just any panda. :) She also wanted a chicken that pops out eggs. I know...crazy. 

Hence, she very carefully and methodically filled her basket with empty eggs for the bunny to fill and wrote a detailed-yet very polite-note- and left him the traditional carrot. I guess she thinks -like Santa-he needs fuel to do his long nights work!

Happy Easter-the trip to the magic tree was uneventful and left me wondering how many more years I'd get to make the trip. They go by so fast! I'm enjoying each and every moment! 

Love you sweet girl...with all my heart! Forever. Mommy. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pageant draws near, Spring Break is over, and she had some NAMILY time!

Izabella is soooo close to her goal! She has really been working hard. 

The drawing for her "Kindle Fire Giveaway!" Is just a couple weeks away! Support her by buying a chance to win! She just needs to sell a few more tickets to reach her goal! 

She wanted to ask you herself- so she did this video message for everyone. 

Tickets are (1) for $10, (3)for $15, (5) $20, (7) for $25 and (20) for $50. 
You can purchase tickets online at - look in the top of the left sidebar--Select how many tickets you want- and click " buy now" !

Izabella got this in the mail this week!!! She was very excited! 

And the highlight if her spring break was
The blessing of NAMILY time! Truly! We had lunch with Katie and Charmaine today and the hour was not nearly enough! Katie showered Izabella with sweet gifts and she adores them! She wore them all afternoon and found a crown case to put them in "to take to pageant with her for good luck!" Thank you precious Sister Katie!

 And I will end this update with this sweet moment- mouth Dad. 

Her first day back yesterday, they each had to share what they did over spring break. She shared, "Well, my pageant is in a couple weeks so I spent most of my spring break preparing for my pageant!" She said the other kids laughed at her and didn't think her break was very fun. Putting "first things first" isn't the most popular thing. But, ahhhh... The rewards when we have a fun pageant weekend next weekend! There are always rewards for hard work! Very proud of how hard she's working! 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How does God get ahold of you?

How does God get a hold of you when He wants to tell you something? Izabella tells me how He gets ahold of her: 

"At recess He gets ahold of me -when I go out to a special place by a tree. And if the wind is blowing I know it's Him. And His words get caught in my hair! Because He wants me to keep his words words with me the whole day. God found you for me. God is so amazing Mommy!" 

Side note: She saw this post as I was writing it- and wanted me to remind everyone about her "Kindle Fire Giveaway" is March 30- coming up fast! Ha! 

To purchase tickets see the details in the left sidebar. 
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My little dancer...she's amazing!

Dance class night consist-Izabella dancing her heart out and having fun with 8 other friends in a big empty room with a huge mirror! All the while I sit patiently waiting for her to emerge, and head home for dinner. At the end of the year we are blessed with the most amazing group dance performance. We are always so proud and quite frankly impressed. 

We were completely in shock when her instructor asked Izabelka and I to speak privately. She presented her with a handwritten invitation to join the competitive dance team at the studio. 
I remember trying to figure out the team that fit our schedule- juggling it around to make it work and as we did, one sentence stood out. Her instructor said, "She could definitely keep up with the girls in that class!" So we made it happen. 

I'm officially now a Dance Mom-we are a Dance Family. I never dreamed-frankly, I'm excited and terrified at the same time. 

We always knew she would be a dancer-could dance before she could walk securely! It genuinely came from her soul. 

The last couple months we've been working together through private lessons to create a dance solo for her to perform at the NAM Pageant in early April. 

I learned to edit music on our computer and put together a meaningful minute, 30 seconds of music and narration, that alone brought me to my knees.

At first, I stood outside and waited, while she and the instructor worked through the first part of the dance. 

Then I joined them to video her dance-so she could practice it at home and I could help her. We practiced just about daily in our cramped living room-we went to several more lessons, she finally learned all the choreography. Then-suddenly her skills went through the roof. She was doing things I'd seen other girls her age do, but she could not. I knew her large motor skills were vehind- with her rough and limited beginnings. But, it was like she was taking off! A bit unsteady- but the determination in her was alive and well- and I proposed we add these new skills to her solo. We were on our own to practice for a few weeks-so shed show me her new steps and skills, and I would work with her to put them into her routine. The solo was really coming to life and it was uniquely her. All the while, I was pushing her hard. I don't know anything about dance- but I do know, you have to be prepared, and she was not going to have the luxury of others on stage with her to follow if she forgets a step. 

Yesterday-we met with Abby -her instructor-and showed her our latest rendition of the dance! It was choppy-it wasn't as smooth-of course-it was choreographed by my tiny dancer and this dance illiterate mom (me). 

Abby, broke down our new pieces and set her straight on the technique for those sections. 

Through-out this time-she was looking to me for approval. Then it was time to put it all together again. 

Again-she looked to me. As she stood there waiting to begin- she looked so nervous! I blurted out, " Izabella, you are amazing! Everything you do amazes me and is so beautiful! Truly!" 

The music started and she began to dance. It was right then, I was stopped by her beauty, and grace and she awed me with her ability to do moves. My tiny dancer is amazing. 

But, more so, I am so proud of her courage to do this very deeply meaningful dance. 

"It is powerful."--those are the words of her instructor. 

She is amazing and powerful- and she's growing up so fast! And I can't get enough of her! 

How does she do this!? 

How did I get so blessed? 

Wow! Wow! Wow! 

We ended the lesson- sitting on the floor, as I told her, "I want you to win! Of course we don't compete to lose! But, no matter what happens, you will make a difference. You will leave hope in the hearts of those that watch. You will inspire them like you inspire me! You had fun! And we did this together! And we will cherish it forever! You are amazing!"


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A moment I dreamed of ....

4.8.2016 : ...and it's bigger than I imagined! Before I became a mom-I thought about all the cool things I did and the moments I shared with my mom.

She's been working on her coil pot for weeks! Telling me about it every step of the way. She could hardly wait to see it come out of the kiln. And then - beside herself -waiting til after dance and then dinner to show me! " mommy it is soooo pretty! You won't believe it!" 

As she unveiled it...out of her backpack, releasing it from her sweater first, then the newspaper. I breathed in the moment-as I picked it up she said " hold it with two hands please! If it broke I would cry. There would be no gluing it back together!" 

Of course it's red! And yellow! With a we bit of orange. I love the ribbon effect on the top-how the coils are released to flow around the top. She points them out and shared her technic to be sure it didn't break in the kiln! 

She's made things before. But all the conversations and her excitement about this one- reminded me of my own mom- and my dream-sharing moments like these with her! 

She's sketching a horse in her sketchbook now! 

Thank you God! Thank you! So! Much! 

Persuasive Writing!

This post needs little explanation! Think it will work? We'll see! Sounds like a good argument to me! 


Monday, March 7, 2016


Saturday --on the way to practice her solo:

" Hey Mom, want to know something my Mom gave me?"

" of course yes!"

"You have to look at my finger--see how I can bend the top of my finger down? Pretty cool huh? Not everyone can do this. I got this from my mom." 

This morning:
"Mom, can the "Long Island Medium" do a reading for me so I can talk to my mom?"

"Well, perhaps one day we can figure out a way to do that."

" I have some questions I want to ask."

"What would you ask her?"

"What was my name? Who are my grandparents? I want to know who my family is. I'm sad I don't know them."

It's a reality the unknowns are there and we are so proud of her- that she has always been able to express her feelings and thoughts on this. It is our hope we can continue to give her the ability to embrace all of her- including her past. Just like anyone. We need to embrace all of us- and process it in a healthy way that helps us understand-who we are uniquely. Good, bad, and otherwise. 

We are here. We hear you. And we trust with Gods help-she will find her way to a peace about it all that makes her whole-always. 

Love, Mommy.